Thursday, 23 April 2015

Maintaining Gas Appliances

Regular maintenance Natural gas appliances, such as hot water systems or heaters should be checked and maintained annually by qualified gas appliance service personnel. Annual service checks in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines are necessary as a safety precaution and to ensure appliances are working in peak condition. Hot water breakdown If your natural gas hot water goes off check to see if your other gas appliances are working.
If they are working do the following:
  • check the pilot light if the pilot light is out, try and relight it, following the manufacturer's instructions if you are unable to relight it, call a qualified gas appliance service technician.
What to do if you are concerned about the condition of your Natural gas appliance

  • Arrange for qualified gas appliance service personnel to replace or service the appliance and retain a written report of the work undertaken.
  • Make sure unobstructed ventilation is continually present near or around the appliance.
  • Ensure flue pipes are free from restrictions.
  • Check that there is no evidence of the burner creating soot deposits (look for signs of discolouration on and around the appliance).
  • If there is a gas hot water heater in your bathroom disconnect the exhaust fan within the bathroom (when operating, these fans can cause flue gases to re-enter the bathroom).
  • Contact your landlord, real estate agent or housing provider and ask when the appliance will be replaced or serviced.
  • Confirm that arrangements are in place for service of the appliance if there is a delay in its replacement.
  • Determine when it was last serviced, when it will next be serviced, who will undertake the work and whether they are qualified to do so.
  • Have the appliance serviced or replaced immediately.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the appliance are inspected by qualified gas appliance service personnel and retain a written report of the work undertaken.
  • If you have any immediate concerns about the condition of an appliance turn it off and obtain expert advice and contact Fix Your Plumbing.

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