Thursday, 23 April 2015

Operating Gas Appliances

Here are some tips you should follow when you are near or operating natural gas appliances.
  • Make sure you have good ventilation around your gas appliances
  • Never let children play near gas appliances when they are operating and be careful that they do not turn knobs or dials on those appliances even when the appliances are not switched on
  • Ensure all appliances are regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines
  • Different gases are not interchangeable — doing this can be dangerous. Only use the fuel specified by the manufacturer of your appliance
  • Never use store or use flammable chemicals (including aerosols) near an operating appliance and never keep flammable materials, such as paper or clothing, near an appliance that is turned on
  • Before turning on a gas burner, light the match or press the ignition button. If the burner will not light, turn off the gas and wait for the gas smell to clear before trying again
  • Take care with your gas appliances. Do not leave clothes, papers or any flammable material near burners
  • Do not operate natural gas appliances on any other type of gas. Operating an appliance on the wrong type of gas can be extremely hazardous
  • Do not tamper with safety valves or similar fittings on your appliances. Do not use force to open taps
  • Keep a gas oven and hot plates clean do not allow fat and burned food to build up
  • Turn gas heaters off when you leave the house or go to sleep.  

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